Our solutions

One of the most important tasks at Contex is to support our customers in finding a solution. This should of course cover all needs and have a good price-performance ratio. For this reason, we offer various services.


Contex is specialised in individual solutions. Are you looking for a product-specific solution? We would love to crack it together. Please get into contact with us.


We offer regeneration service in your company and in ours. Remanufacturing of wear parts can reduce costs extremely. Please contact us to learn more about our service.

Regeneration service is possible for the following products:

Grindig rolls, pressing and conveying worms, mixing and grinding tools, scraper buckets etc.


Contex Hartmetall Verschleißtechnik GmbH delivers custom-tailored solutions. The majority our articles are no standard articles, but represent custom-built indidivual solutions.

In planning already the quality of the products is determined. Computer-based 3D-construction and programming allow the simulation of processing steps and support the designer alread yin the planning phase. For that reason we use the software SolidWorks 3D-CAD.

In the business unit construction our design draftsmen work closely with our engineers. The combination of longtime know-how, innovative ideas and latest knowledge flow continously into the development and improvement of our products.

Construction of new products:

Please send your complete design drawings. This is the ideal basis for the creation of the construction planning. Otherwise please send the wear part you want to get reproduce. Our designers will dimension the part for the planning. If both alternatives do not suit, our field worker will dimension the part on-side.

Data exchange programs:

Please send our data in one of the following data exchange programmes:

SolidWorks file formats SLDDRW, SLDASM, SLDPRT or DXF, DWG, IGES or Step.

Max. 10 MB e-mails are possible to receive.


We are working with a hand-operated laser scanner for a precise and flexible recording of new products.


We would be glad to assist you with or arrange completely the pocket installing of the new parts. Please get into contact with in terms of our assembly service.

The assembly service is available for the following products:

Mixer linings (bottoms and walls), silos, mill linings etc.

Our product solutions are notably used in the following branches: