Readymix concrete

Our delivery programme for the readymix concrete sector includes, among others:

– Wipers (inner and outer wall wipers)
– Arm protectors
– Discharge chutes
– Concrete discharge chutes
– Concrete block moulds
– Concrete casting moulds
– Spectacle plates and cutting rings
– Corner scraper
– Inlet and outlet hoppers
– Elevator buckets
– Machine spare parts
– Mixer linings (floors and walls)
– Mixer blades and shares
– Mixer shafts
– Pipe bends with/without flange, armoured
– Agitator arms and blades
– Scraper buckets
– Wear plates
– Whirlers

Suitable electrodes and flux cored wires are also included in our delivery programme. We are also happy to support you with repairs and conversions.

We offer you our product brochure for viewing/downloading: Please click here