CX6000 is a martensitic wear-resitant steel with a hardbness of upto 550 HB. Its high hardness and tensile strengh render this material an extreme resistance against abrasive wear.


Thicknesses from 3 to 100 mm made of wear-resistant special structural steel CX6000

Product features/ advantages:

– Special steel with up to 550 Brinell hardness.
– Contents of hard microcarbides make CX6000 exceptionally wear-resistant
– Suitable for wear-intensive applications
– Very good cost-benefit ratio
– Accurate fit due to CAD-based production

Use of the material:

– Mixer linings for ring trough-, planetary- and twin-shaft mixers
– Circular screen feeders
– Table plates
– Vibration table liners
– Suitable electrodes and welding rods can be supplied

Notes on processing:

Considering its high hardness, CX6000 can be cold bent under the condition that it is done slowly and steadily, that the cut edges are deburred and that the sheets are heated for forming if necessary. Stress relief annealing is not required.

In order to ensure cold crack resistance of the joints only filler metals that result in a weld metal with a very low material contents should be used for welding.