Composite sheet metal | Betachrom BC70

Betachrome BC70 is work-hardened and therefore the optimal wear material for readymix concrete.

Work hardening refers to the ability of a material to turn the dislocation density caused by plastic deformation into hardness in the lattice structure. Accordingly, a greater force is required for further deformation, which results in increased wear resistance. The increased energy storage in the crystalline structure of the material gained by strain hardening builds up in spurts to a peak value. In conjunction with the higher matrix toughness this offers optimum wear resistance tagainst conditionswith light impact , mainly highly abrasive wear conditions.
Panel sizeArmour plated areausable m²
1250 x 25001100 x 24002,70 m²
1500 x 30001350 x 29004,00 m²
2000 x 30001850 x 29005,40 m²
2000 x 60001850 x 590011,00 m²


Tolerance +1 / -0 mm
Hardness 62 – 64 Hrc


DIN EN 14700 (DIN 8555)

Cutting and forming

Plasma fusion cutting is recommended. Normal drilling is not possible.

Elements %-weight

All data refer to the welding material only or 6 layers