Our delivery programme for the biomass sector includes, among others:

– Discharge screws
– Dewatering screws
– Half-shell jacket plate
– Holder for jacket plate
– Hard-faced wear plates
– Clamping rings for jacket plate
– Fan wheels
– Jacket plates
– Mixing paddles
– Sand screws
– Screw segments
– Screw trough liners
– Screens
– screen jackets
– inclined screws
– Stuffing screws
– Trough screw conveyors
– Wear plates
– Centrifuge screws


Normal and quenched and tempered special steels in various plate thicknesses.
SX600 = steel up to 600 Newton tensile strength
CX6000 = Special steel with a hardness of up to 550 HB
Alphachrom 7000 = Hard welded composite armour material

Suitable electrodes and flux cored wires are also included in our delivery programme. We are also happy to support you with repairs and conversions.

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