Our range of supply for the refractory industry comprises of the following:

– Cover plates
– End trims and rings
– Wipers (wall and floor)
– arm guards
– scrapers, scraping tools
– Blanks for screw presses
– Bottom discharges
– Covers for crushers
– Mould clamping frames
– Filling boxes
– Filling gate plates
– Counter blades with flange
– Mixer arms
– Mixer liners and bases
– Mixing blades and shares
– Mouthpieces with core holders
– Nut boxes
– Baffle plates
– Pipe bends
– Bucket Filling box mixer
– Impact bodies and moulds
– Wear goggles
– Screws (screw head, screw helix and screw shafts)
– Classifiers (classifier discs, angles and
– Sieves with supports, sieve plates
– Door segments and strips
– Wear plates
– Distributor cones
– Turning shares
– Whirlers and whirler bars
– Cylinder barrel

Suitable electrodes and flux cored wires are also included in our delivery programme. We are also happy to support you with repairs and conversions.