Special steel with a tensile strength of up to 600 Newton.


– Thickness: 5 to 50 mm thickness
– Hardness (guide value): 325 HBW
– Tensile strength: 1000 MPa
– Yield strength: 650 MPa

Use of the Material:

– Mixer linings for ring trough, planetary and twin-shaft mixers.
– Circular screen feeders
– Table plates
– Suitable electrodes and welding rods can be supplied

Notes on Processing:

Like all types of steel with a high yield strength, SX600 requires special care during processing.

For processing, the recommendations of the EN 1011 standard apply, taking into account the higher strength and stronger hardenability. For flame cutting, a minimum preheat- temperature of 120°C should be maintained for sheet thicknesses of more than 10 mm. To avoid cracks in the weld area, preheating to 100-200°C is recommended. In case of unfavourable clamping conditions, higher weld metal hardness as well as unfavourable weather conditions a heat of max. 300°C can be used during processing for a short time. The filler metals should be as soft as possible, provided that the design and the welded joints allow for it.