Sandwich-type steel | Alphachrom 7000

Alphachrom 7000 is a high chromium carbide alloy for components exposed to heavy mineral abrasion (e.g. fine dusts). Hardness up to 67 HRC.

Alphachrome 7000 - in various compounds

We offer you Alphachrome in different alliances.
Alphachrom 7000Chrome-carbon alloy against erosion and abrasionComposite panels, fans, mixers, mixer bladesto 63 HRc
Alphachrom 7010Chrome-carbon alloy with additional boron and niobium hard materials against extreme erosion and abrasionMining, bucket edges, excavator teeth, chain conveyors, dump trucks, transfer chutesto 65 HRc
Alphachrom 7050High tungsten carbide weld overlay with a corrosion resistant
Corrosion Resistant Matrix
Highest abrasion resistance in all applications2400 HV
Alphachrom 7090Heat resistance up to 850°C Heat and scale resistantHot area, spike crusher, clinker cooler, chutesto 67 HRc
Alphachrom 7100Corrosion resistant due to very high chromium contentKneader, press screws, pulperto 59 HRc
Alphachrom 7150Tough C-, Cr-, Mo-, Mn-, W-, V- alloy whose structure resists not only abrasion but also impact and pressure. Furthermore, this alloy can be used up to temperatures of approx. 550°C.Vibrating table bars, grinding rollers, impact plates, impact hammers, gravel pumps, shredding plants, cement rollers,
Recycling screws and screw conveyors
55 -57 HRc

Notes on processing:

Forming is easily accomplished as with unalloyed structural steels, plasma fusion cutting is recommended.

Product properties/ advantages:

– Good fusion welding with steel structures
– Easy cutting to size
– Easy fabrication of parts such as pipes
ducts, feedthroughs etc.
– Wear resistance with metal on metal
– High heat resistance
– Extreme corrosion resistance due to
high chromium contents
– Dense carbide concentration
– Tough austenitic matrix that supports the
hard carbides
– Hard welded composite material

Alphachrom 7000 lining

– Evently flat and smooth surfaces
– Quick and easy set-up of the
mixing tools
– No problems caused bumping of the
– Practically no wear in a two-year long study (at an English concrete block factory, Fejmert S750)

Range of supply:


Sheets or cut to size according to drawings, samples or general customer specifications. With deformation- and fastening elements.


Base plates and coating thickness are variable, plasma cutting shapes with fixing holes are available according to customers’ specifications.


For regeneration or armouring of wear points on site, these alloys are also available as welding wire or coated welding electrodes.

FormatOuter dimensionUsable
Armoured area
m² Usable
Small format1250 x 25001100 x 24002,70 m²
Medium format1500 x 30001350 x 29004,00 m²
Standard format2000 x 30001850 x 29005,40 m²
Large format2000 x 60001850 x 590011,00 m²
Special format2250 x 80002100 x 790016,60 m²
Standard format
8000 Snake
2000 x 30001600 x 29004,70 m²

Alphachrom 7000 - Thicknesses and layers

Base plate
(1 Location)
(1 Location)
(1 Location)
(1 Location)
(2 Location)
(2 Location)

Applications of the material:

– Impact mills
– Rolling mills
– Screening plants
– Mixer linings
– Table plates
– Sieve plates
– Mixing tools
– Pre-cut plates
– Plates cut to measurement by request
– Chutes
– Funnels
– etc…

Alphachrom 8000 Snake©

Alphachrom 8000 Snake© is particularly suitable against extreme abrasion and erosion.


Alphachrom 8000 Snake© is a composite armoured plate consisting of a weldable base material with a highly wear-resistant welding with a hardness of upto 69 HRc. The welding beads used in the special production of the Alphachrom 8000 Snake©

parts do not allow  straight particle application and therefore there are no edges and thus do not provide a surface for wear. The high contents of hard materials such as chrome, boron, niobium, titanium, vanadium or tungsten carbide ensures that components made of Alphachrom 8000 Snake© can achieve a service life of upto 30 times longer than unprotected components. Alphachrom Snake© is also available as a corrosion resistant alloy on stainless steel.



– The consistent further development of the non-
straight particle guidance
– Minimal wear rate (due to not straight
bead transitions)
– Good welding properties of the base material
with existing constructions
– Very high crack hardness, which is limited to the
highly wear resistant top layer only
– Low mixing due to Alphachrome
special welding process
– Possible thermal hardness of upto 870°C