Our range of supply for the concrete industry comprises of the following:

  • ageing drum
  • agitators
  • arm protections
  • augers
  • center shovels
  • concrete block moulds
  • concrete manifold augers
  • corner clearing tools
  • discharge chutes
  • elevator buckets
  • filling box plates
  • elbow pipes with/without flange, lined
  • Mixer blades and coulters
  • Mixer shafts
  • Middle shovels
  • Pipe bends with/without flange, armoured
  • Agitator arms and blades
  • Vibrating table bars
  • Augers
  • Support beams
  • Table plates
  • Transport buckets
  • Wear plates
  • Vibration bars
  • Whirler

We also have suitable welding and filling electrodes in our range of supply. Of course we can also support and assist you with repairs and modifications.

We offer you our product brochure for viewing/downloading: Please click here