Sand-lime brick

Our range of supply for the sind-live brick industry comprises of the following:

– Scraper (bottom wall & wall scraper)
– Scraper set sickle
– Drive pinion
– Belt scraper
– Double shaft mixer
– Mandrels
– Mandrel bars
– Elevator buckets with/without edge reinforcement
– Discharge slider
– Flat pressing
– Moulding tools
– Guide rollers / rollers table removal
– Filling frame
– Filling unit gearboxes
– Gripper plates and flaps
– Reel holders
– heating elements
– Mixer linings (floors and walls)
– Mixer blades
– Mixing shares and paddles
– Press spare parts
– Press tables (complete and elements)
– Reactors complete, bases and segments
– Blank crushers
– Agitator reels
– Wear rings and segments
– silos
– Automatic stackers
– Punches (upper and lower)
– Punch plates
– string grippers
– Wear plates
– Table covers
– Shaft guards
– Whirlers (wings, mounting and
end bars)
– Gear wheels (also hardened)
– Tooth segments reactor

We also have suitable welding and filling electrodes in our range of supply. Of course we can also support and assist you with repairs and modifications.

We offer you our product brochure for viewing/downloading: Please click here